photos of photos.

A little bit ago, Creative Contraband got together with Black Scale and Flo for a project we have in the works. I had never been on a photoshoot before so I was really excited to see everything it entailed. I was looking forward to hanging out with the guys at Black Scale as well. There was plenty of stuff planned to shoot, but some the shots we hadn’t planned out might have been the best of the day. That’s one of the advantages of working with so many talented and creative people. It was a 2 long days, but I learned some stuff about photoshoots, got some great behind the scene shots, and had a fun time hanging out. What more could I ask for?

Rob, Teron, and Mega in their office before the shoot started. I had the opportunity to check out what they have in store for 2011, and man, I was thoroughly impressed. All I can say is watch out for their cut and sew pieces as well as some other items this year. I know I will be trying my best to cop them all.CRW_3339 copyDay 1 set up.CRW_3341 copyCRW_3376 copyFlo shooting some jewelry on the lovely Genevieve Chanel.CRW_3391 copyCRW_3430 copyMega got in for some of the action. CRW_3438 copyI sometimes wish I could pull off Black Scale jewelryCRW_3460 copyMelissa Reign, one of the make-up artists for the day. We ended up stuffing her into a bag for one of the shots. That’s normal right?CRW_3591 copyDay 1 is a wrap. Not mentioned before are Jane who helped with make-up and modeling and English who helped direct the shoot. CRW_3547 copyOn to day 2.CRW_3625 bw copyCRW_3672 copyCRW_3677 copyI can’t decide which one of these two I like better. Who do you think?CRW_3693 bw copyCRW_3695 copyTK came to hang out.CRW_3687 copyKenny helped document day 2 as well.CRW_3704 copyStay tuned for the project these photos will be a part of. Check out the rest of the photos here.

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  1. Bambi says:

    Sir, can you update this blog or am I missing something!?

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