dine la.

I’ve been doing a lot of eating lately. Is that why I haven’t been blogging lately? It may be part of the reason. Here’s why I’ve been eating too much but not blogging or working out enough. DineLA. If you don’t already know, it’s a two week event where restaurants from all over Los Angeles participate and provide you with a 3-course meal for a set reasonable price. Lunches are $16, $22, or $28 and dinners are $26, $34, or $44. I’ve been eating at the least costing dinners. The ones I’ve been to have been very much worth it.

My BLD meal consisted of prosciutto wrapped figs, a roasted squash and apple “lasagna”, and a chocolate crepe. I had some of my brother’s pan seared tuna and caramel bread pudding which were both winners. Here is a shot of the table pre-dinner. I took photos of the food, but they didn’t turn out too well. Photos don’t do the food justice anyways.I also went to Monsoon Cafe. My meal was a trio appetizer combo (tuna crab eggrolls, wonton tuna decker, and chicken potstickers), grey goose black Alaskan cod, and toasted coconut cheesecake. Another winning meal.

Please take advantage of DineLA. It gives you an excuse to try some of the many fine restaurants that LA has to offer. Here is a list of the restaurants participating. DineLA was supposed to end this Friday, but lucky for you, they have extended it another week and more restaurants are going to join the party. So go! There’s a table waiting for you.

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